About Gir: He is one of the main characters in the show Invader Zim. Some words to describe Gir are crazy, hyper, insane, fun, and random. He is Zim's minion/assistant. Gir was created by the Almighty Tallest and was given to Zim on his mission to destroy earth. Gir was made out of trash and waste, and often wears a dog suit so people don't know he's really a dog. Gir's favorite television show is The Scary Monkey show. Gir can be his happy-go-lucky self, or go into duty mode. There is most you'll need to know about Gir! 

To Gir, Zim is an invader, a genius and mastermind. But really Zim was sent to planet earth by the Almighty Tallest, but the tallest did not even know earth was a real planet!

There is Tak with her SIR (Standarized Information Retrevial unit) yelling at Zim. Tak is one of Zim's many enemies. 

There are all types of charaters in Invader Zim. There is Zim, (the main character), Gir (the reason why you are here), Dib, (Zim's enemy) Tak, (another one of Zim's enemies,) and the Almighty Tallest, (the rulers of the irken empire.) 

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